Pitch Perfect 3 (50%) WEIRDLY ENJOYABLE

Acting 5
Cast 7
Enjoyability 8
Soundtrack 7
Recyclability 4
Plot 5



This movie stays strong with the music and performances, but lacks in the plot and the mix between being a comedy movie and an action movie.


It’s very hard to judge the acting in this type of movie mainly because it’s full of jokes.  I don’t think Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) said one serious line in the entire movie.  Every single line was a joke.  Although many made me laugh, she’s a very unrealistic character. Overall, this movie is very unrealistic and bizarre, yet it’s so enjoyable I’d still watch it.


Of course, by now everyone knows the cast from the previous movies.  Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and many more.   Hannah Mae Lee plays one of the most odd characters I’ve ever seen.  Her name is Lily and she’s part of a singing group, yet she doesn’t talk.  Nobody can ever hear what she’s saying.  But, she finally says something in this movie and explains not talking because of inner demons.  It makes no sense, but that’s most of the movie so…  And maybe the most surprising thing of the movie, DJ KHALID is in it.  What???  Don’t ask me why he decided to be in this, but he really wasn’t that bad.  It’s definitely a surprise to see DJ Khalid acting in a movie.  But, this movie is full of surprises.


The riff off’s and the shows are very enjoyable because you will know every song because they are all popular today.  But, in this movie we see some action.  Never thought a Pitch Perfect movie would involve an explosion and a hostage situation.  I guess you can consider it enjoyable to see Rebel Wilson punching a bunch of men, but the plot itself wasn’t very good.  But, even with the plot, the ending is very warm and a fun way to end the Pitch Perfect trilogy.  You may even shed a tear.  Yet after all the surprises and parts I didn’t really enjoy, the movie overall is still enjoyable due to the music.


There were no original songs that I’m aware of, but all the songs are well-known and it’s interesting to hear all the songs mixed together in the riff offs.  The singing itself was exceptional throughout all the performances.


I could see myself rewatching it sometime in the future, but probably not for a few years.   It’s the same as the previous two movies.  When you finished watching them, did you think to yourself, I want to watch that again right now?  NO.  If I ever rewatched it, it would be for the musical performances and Fat Amy.   Everything else doesn’t really mean very much to me.

Plot (Warning: Spoilers)

Where do I even begin?  The Bellas are out of college and all have jobs they hate.  But, they all reunite at a reunion for the Bellas.  Aubrey really wants to sing as a group again. So, she enlists them in a USO performance tour in Europe thanks to her Army officer father.  If they win, they get to open for DJ Khalid.  At first all the soldiers and their families were confused about the acapella singing, but they eventually became the fan favorites.  We meet Fat Amy’s dad who is trying to get money out of her which leads to the hostage situation and explosion on a boat.  What a plot twist.  Singing at one moment, to being held hostage on a yacht with Fat Amy being the only person who can save them the next.  In the end, The Bellas technically don’t get the spot to open for DJ Khalid, but you’ll have to watch it to find out exactly how it ends.

Genre Comedy
Rating Pg-13
Movie Production Cost $45 Million

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