The Truman Show (93%) CLEVER


Enjoyability 9
Creativity 10
Recyclability 7
Plot 10


Overall, I recommend this movie to everyone.  It portrays a fantasy reality in a way that doesn’t seem unrealistic.  Even though this would most likely never happen, the movie is presented in a way in which it feels like it could.  It’s a heartwarming story about a man who has never experienced the real world and has been trapped in a world of lives his entire life.  Will he escape or will he be trapped forever?


I watched the Truman show when I was younger and I remember liking it, but I recently rewatched it and discovered how much I truly enjoyed it.  It’s just so clever and put together so well.  Assuming you don’t really know the plot of the movie before watching, the viewer discovers what’s happening to Truman in real time as Truman slowly becomes more and more suspicious.  The movie is so great because it never flat out states what is happening, it is slowly shown throughout the movie and you start to realize to true extent of the project surrounding Truman.  Overall, some may find it to not be the most exciting in terms of action, but the story and the way it is presented more than makes up for it.


The idea is so clever.  A movie about someone who doesn’t know they’re the star of a tv show.  There is a dome that can be seen from outer space that contains Truman’s home as well as thousands of actors doing their part to make the town seem like a real place to Truman.  Ever since Truman’s birth, a tv producer has been filming Truman’s life through a series of hidden cameras scattered throughout the town.  Everyone in Truman’s life is fake, except his father.  All the actors are being told what to say to him and have been his entire life.  But, eventually Truman becomes suspicious as the world seems to revolve around him.  We never find out if Truman had any idea all along or how long he did, but he eventually finds out in the end and has to make a decision to stay put and live a life of safety and security, or to leave and become a part of the real world.

Genre Drama/Fantasy
Rating PG
Movie Production Cost $60 million
Year Released 1998

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