13 Cameras (35%) VERY CREEPY

Cast 2
Enjoyability 5
Scare Factor 6
Recyclability 1
Plot 8


I didn’t know one person in this cast.  That is most likely because of the low budget this movie had.


The first hour of the movie is incredibly slow and it feels like nothing is happening.  It’s like watching a reality tv show that just follows people’s everyday lives, but nothing really happened.  Except for the husband having an affair.  But, way too much of the movie is dedicated to the couple setting up the room for their baby.  However, once the landlord comes to the house near the end, the action picks up very quickly.  Some of the scenes are scary and may not necessarily be enjoyable, but they are shocking and definitely interesting.

 Scare Factor

Like I said before, nothing really happens for the majority of the movie.  But, the parts that could be considered scary aren’t really scary.  There’s a few jump scares, but thats about it.  The purpose is mainly to be creepy, and the landlord accomplishes that without a doubt.


There is a 0% chance I will ever rewatch this.  It’s hard to watch a movie again when you know the ending and the ending to this movie is basically the entire movie.  I would just get too bored watching it.  During the first hour, I almost turned the movie off because I knew the landlord would do something, but that something just never seemed to ever occur.


The plot itself and the idea of the film is very relevant in our society today.  The beginning shows statistics about how many people are being watched in their houses without knowing.  It’s a staggering number and frankly very frightening.  The idea of the movie is good, but it could have been executed much better.  But, the most frustrating part of the entire movie is that we never find out why the landlord is doing this.  You will see that he does much more than just watch them, but why?  There always should be a reason to why something is happening.

Genre Horror
Rating NR
Movie Production Cost N/A


The Greatest Showman (95%) MUST WATCH

Cast 8
Cinematography 9
Enjoyability 9
Soundtrack 10
Recyclability 10
Plot 8



The Greatest Showman is one of my top picks of the year.  The soundtrack is amazing and full of very catchy songs.  The cast includes some very popular names at the moment.   Overall, it’s a great feel good, family movie that can be enjoyed over and over again.  It’s definitely worth watching.


The cast of this movie is spectacular with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michele Williams, Zendaya, etc.  One of the best parts of the movie is getting to hear Hugh Jackson sing.  Coming off his recent movie Logan, this is a much more joyful and upbeat movie.  The High School Musical fans were definitely excited to see Zac Efron sing and dance as well as fall in love with Zendaya.  However, I found it bizarre that Zendaya, a dancer, was in the air for every song.  In a movie with so much choreography, I expected her to be on the ground dancing.  But, good for her for doing her own Ariel stunts and spending the time to learn how to do the trapeze.


Not much to say; every scene looked amazing.


If someone told me they didn’t enjoy this movie, they’d be lying.  How could you not be entertained by the songs every ten minutes?  They just kept coming.  The choreography went perfectly to the music for every song.  This is the perfect movie for people of all ages.  Adults will especially appreciate the story and the theme of inclusion. But, children will be drawn to the flashiness and the catchy music.


Personally, this is my favorite soundtrack of all time.  I’ve never really enjoyed musicals, so I was very surprised that I enjoyed it so much.  All original songs were written by the writers for the music of La La Land, so that should speak for itself.  The song “This is Me” has already won a Golden Globe for best original song.  No song from the entire soundtrack stood out to me as bad or low quality.  Every single song was catchy and made the audience just feel good.  The lyrics especially make sense with the story being told.  The songs tell the story while being catchy at the same time.  So, the music isn’t there to just be there, it actually serves a purpose.


The story is a great way to represent inclusion and self dignity.  At first, all the members of the show were different and were outcasts (Bearded lady, Tom Thumb, Albino, etc.).  But, throughout their experience of putting on the show, they found their true selves and found a family.  In the beginning, P.T Barnum, Hugh Jackson, is fired from his job.  So, he comes up with the idea of showing people things they have never seen before.  He creates his show of outcasts and draws a very large crowd to every show.  But, the glory      doesn’t last forever as a group of protestors arrive and eventually burn down the theater.   After going on a tour around the United States with a singer from Europe, Barnum realizes he needs to be home with his both his families.  His real family and the members of the show.  In the end, the show is moved to a tent similar to circus’ today and ends with the same song that the show began with.

Genre Musical, Drama, Romance
Rating Pg
Movie Production Cost $84 Million